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Try out the Demo

[Download the Demo]

Practice makes perfect. Would like to try out the functions of intraComm during reading this Documentation? Using the Demo, it can let us try out intraComm at once.

Installation of the Demo

First of all, please download intraComm Client Setup File: intraCommICDemo.exe. It would install, run and update intraComm client-side program (called intraComm Client or simply intraComm or Client) automatically on MS Windows (2000, XP or upper).

Todo: Prepare a video to show Installation

We can start intraComm by double-click its shortcut on desktop or directly run the file c:\intraCommICDemo\intraComm.exe.

Figure: Desktop Shortcut

About the intraComm Client

Notice: If intraComm CANNOT be run, please download and install .NET Framework manually.

The intraComm Client is protected C# 2.0 program which must be run under .NET Framework. The Setup File would install the .NET Framework automatically if it has NOT installed before. However, if intraComm CANNOT be run successfully, please download and install .NET Framework (2.0 or above) manually.

Remind: intraComm may be NOT directly compatible with NOD32

If we use NOD32 (an anti-virus program), it may be IMCOMPATIBLE with intraComm. However, it is very simple to solve the problem: just add an exception program c:\intraCommICDemo\intraComm.exe on IMON Module of NOD32.

Login Infomation

Assume the Demo is used by an organization called IC School. We can use anyone of following accounts to login the Demo.

User IdPasswordUser NamePostionOrganization Chart
adminintracommAdministratorCentral Dept (It is a Superuser)Organization Chart
Figure: Organization Chart of IC School
pwongintracommPrincipal WongPrincipal - IC School (It is a Dept Head)
cleungintracommClerk LeungClerk - IC School
tchanintracommTeacher ChanTeacher - IC School
tleeintracommTeacher LeeTeacher - IC School


Notice for using the Demo

  • All of data in Demo would be reset at 07:00am +08:00 of each day. Hence, all of our data (if any) in the Demo will be LOST after reset.
  • Do NOT change password of above accounts, otherwise other people can NOT login.
  • Some unexpected errors may occur due to many people using the same account at the same time.
  • If we want to try out the Demo deeply, we can login as admin to create a new Department for testing.

We have used the Demo to create a series of examples. If we like to get an outline of intraComm, please see our examples first ...