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Call Direct

What is Call Direct?

Call Direct is a function to alert a Designated User immediately through a pop up window. It sends one-way simple message (one line text), with Level: Normal or Urgent, to other users (recipients):

  • it is suitable for urgent, simple and no need response message
  • if the recipients online, the message will show as pop-up window
    if the recipients offline, the message will show as pop-up window when next login
  • the Call Direct message, unlike [Notice], once the recipients read, it will NOT save at the System
  • Level: Normal or Urgent
    Normal: the recipients with Online StatusBUSY will IGNORE the Normal Level Call Direct message
    Urgent: ALL the recipients will receive the Urgent Level Call Direct message
  • please refer to eg: Instant Messaging for an example of call direct


The following is a demonstration on how to Call Direct.

First of all, please click Communication > Call Direct in the Main Menu. Then a window will pop up like this:

You have to fill in the Recipient and a Subject; press OK afterwards. When the Recipient(s) online or refresh, he/she shall see a pop up note like this: