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Message Boxes

What is a Message Box?

Message Boxes is a tab list in the Message Detail Panel. There are several Message Record List (tabs) including:


In general, it collects the Recipient and CC Messages. In detail, it collects the Messages with following properties:

  • with Important (★) or In Progress (◆) Tags
  • for Task, Event and Calendar Messages, it ONLY shows the ones we should pay attention to, eg New, NOT Finished Task and etc.
  • exclude Messages with the Trivial Tag (■) and System Messages in Litter Bin

Tips: If we like keep a concision InBox, the Trivial Tag (■) should be added on the trivial Messages and hence hidden from InBox. The hidden Trivial Messages (in fact, all readable Messages) can be found in Message Box: Search

Tips: ALL related Tasks can found in Notify Task, ALL related Events and Calendars can found in Notify Event


In general, it collects the Messages we write. In detail, it collects the Messages with following properties:

  • the Messages we write BUT exclude the read System Messages in Litter Bin

Notify Event

It collects ALL Event and Calendar Messages related to us

Notify Task

It collects ALL Task Messages related to us


It is a search tool for us to search Messages and shows search result. When we first select this Tab Page or press , the following Dialog is shown:

Message Search

There are 3 steps to find the Messages we want:

  • Step 1: Select the Item to Search
    • Subject
    • Subject and Content
    • Source
    • Reader
    • Memo
    • Remark
    • Attachment
    • Tag
    • Key Word
    • Date Chop
    • (Message) Status
    • Reading Status
    • Remind/due/send date
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Content
    • Record#
  • Step 2: Input Search String
    • Let it BLANK if we want to show ALL Messages (ie we can use this method to find out ALL Messages)
    • For Status and Reading Status: we should select value for Listbox (the Listbox will be shown when key in any value or right click > Select a special value
      For Source and Reader: we should input the User Id (or email address for outside email), not support User Name
    • The search string no need be a complete word, can be a part of word eg if we like search "folder", we can just input "fold"
    • AND or OR (COMMA separator):
      For Subject, Subject and Content, Content, Memo and Remark: str1, str2 means str1 AND str2
      For others, str1, str2 means str1 OR str2
    • Support operators: ~ (NOT), = (EQUAL), > (LARGER) and < (SMALLER) (but NOT support >= and <=)
      eg =str1, >str2
  • Step 3: Filter the Message Type (if necessary) and Press OK


Special Small Buttons in Message Boxes

The followings are special Small Buttons in Message Boxes (please refer to Common Small Buttons for other buttons)

Move or Link
-- Move or Link the selected Messages to other position (ie under other Message)

-- copy the selected Messages which can paste at Message Tree Diagram, hence it is also useful for move or link Messages.

Add Archived Tag (only shown on InBox)
-- it is a shortcut to add Private Tag: ■ (Archived Tag) on selected Messages so that these Messages do NOT shown in InBox

-- it is Common Small Button, but its function is quite different on Message, please refer to Message Large Button

 Tip: other than above two buttons:  and , we can move or link Messages by drag and drop which is more convenient and faster