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the backbone of our organization

Large Buttons

There are Large Buttons on Message Panel. It carries out many important actions on Message, we should be familiar with these buttons.

Figure: Large Buttons on Message Panel

 Refresh [no 1]
-- refresh the Message

 Print [no 2]
-- to print the Message

 Delete [no 3]
-- for NOT yet posted (Draft and To Be Post) Message, DELETE the Message from System (database) at once
-- for other Messages, it is a shortcut to move the Message to Default Folder: *Litter Bin* and add Tags: Χ and ■ automatically. The Message and all its child Messages will be really DELETED from System in 7 days (before really deleted, all Readers can still read the Message)

Since it is a shortcut button for us to move Message to *Litter Bin* conveniently, it is ONLY useful for
-- we are the ONLY Reader of the Message; or
-- the Message is an email coming from outside (convenient for us to delete spam)
If we want to delete the Message with many Readers, this button is TOO convenient and NOT suitable to use. We should delete these Messages by moving them to *Litter Bin* manually

 Modify [no 4]
-- for NOT yet posted (Draft and To Be Post) Message, continue to compose/edit the Message
-- for other Messages, to amend Message

 Browse [no 5]
-- to browse Messages in Record List Panel

 New Message [no 6]
-- to compose new Message

 Clone Message [no 7]
-- for Message written by us, to clone this Message for us to modify and resend

 Forward [no 8]
-- to forward this Message to other people


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 Aware [no 9.1]
-- for Recipient to aware the Event (ie ONLY for [Event] Message)

 Task Report [no 9.2]
-- for Recipient to report the Task (ie ONLY for [Task] Message)

 Close Task [no 9.3]
-- for the Author to close the Task (ie ONLY for [Task] Message)

 Add to Contact [no 9.4]
-- for the [Email] Message with new author, to add this new author in our Contact

Remark: the basic requirement for us to carry out an action on the Message is: we can read the Message


How to set a Signature of Message

You can setup a Signature for you account by Setting > Setup Signature.


How to amend Message

Unlike email, Message in intraComm can be amended (modified).

Figure: Message Amendment

We can amend Message by Large Button: with following items (ONLY related items shown):

  • Related Record: shows the record to be amended.It is readonly field and can NOT be amended
  • Private Tag: we can modify Private Tag at here; you can right click to select some default Tags
  • Common Tag: we can modify Common Tag at here; you can right click to select some default Tags
  • Types: to change Message Type
  • Subject: to change Subject
  • Supplement: to add supplement or even modify the Content
    • for [Folder] or [wiki Doc] Messages: we can directly MODIFY the Content by Right Click > wiki Edit
    • for other Messages: we can add SUPPLEMENT to the Content:
    • directly key in the textbox for plain text supplement (do NOT allow HTML tag); or
    • Right click and choose Using HTML Editor for rich text supplement, please refer to the HTML Editor section
  • Attachment: we can
    • add new Attachment by right click and choose Add new ... or by drag-dropping the file
    • delete Attachment (Right Click > Delete ... or by pressing Delete key to delete selected files)
    • replace old Attachment by add a new Attachment with same name of old Attachment

Remark: There is a point to note that all deleted or old Attachments will keep at the Server for 7 days for all Readers to review

  • Include Outer Mail: to email this amended Message to its email Readers or NOT
  • Open Level: to change Open Level from ONLY Designated Readers to ALL Related Readers, and vice-versa
  • Owner: to change Message Owner who manage this Message especially for [Task] and [Event] Message

If the amendment involves Subject, Supplement and Attachment, the Reading Status of Readers will change to New and the Readers will read this amended Message again as a new Message.