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the backbone of our organization


The Memo Tab Page on Message Panel is a bulletin board/forum/discussion area for the Message. Readers can discuss about the Message at here. Since a Reader submit a Memo (the message dropped here is called Memo), other Readers can read instantly, it can act as instant messenger (IM) for group discussion between Readers about the Message.

Remind: ONLY the Users who can read the Message can read the Memo

Figure: Memo Tab Page

How to use ...

It is very easy, there are only three buttons

  • Submit: to submit a Memo. When this button is pressed, a HTML Editor is shown for us to write message.
  • Call: to call a online meeting. Since it can act as an instant messenger, it can be a media for a online meeting. We can use this button to call other online Readers go here and discuss together.

Remark: the Online Status of other Readers are shown on Reader tab page

Remark: we can directly to post [IM] Message to call a meeting. No need to post Message first and then press Call button

  • : to show the Memo tab page to another format (called Instant Messenger) which is larger and more convenient for instant messaging and even we can handle multi Instant Messengers in one time easily.

If the Message a new Memo, it will has Private Tag: # and the tab page name Memo change to red color. Hence, we can search Message with Tag # to find out all Messages have new Memo.

Instant Messenger

Instant Messenger is a tab page shown on a pop-up window Instant Messengers. It is another format of Memo convenient for instant messaging.

Figure: Instant Messengers

  • Instant Messenger Name [no 1]: shown he Message Record# and Subject
  • Message Link [no 2]: click it to show the Message panel and see the Message Content
  • Input Box [no 3]: we can directly input message here and then press Enter to submit. It is convenience for instant messaging.
    It support Shift+Enter for line break but do NOT support rich text. If we like to submit rich text message, please use the Submit

Instant Messenger is shown in tab page, so we can handle multi Instant Messengers in one time easily. When there is a new message, the Instant Messenger Name will change to red color.

How to show Instant Messenger

  • Press in Memo (as said above)
  • If someone call us for instant messaging, we can click Communication > Join Discussion to response

Live Support

When the Instant Messenger extends to outside guests (eg web site users), it becomes Live Support