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Notice Record

Notice Record facilitates NEW staffs adapting to the new work environment.

When we post a Message (exclude: [Event], [Calendar], [Task], [Reply], [Forward], [IM], [Support], [Form], [System] and [TaskReport]) for Department, Position or Subordinate as Recipient and CC, a Notice Record is created to save the information. When a NEW User first login, the System will trace the Notice Records suitable for the new User according to Department/Postion/Subordinate information and then let the new User read the OLD Messages posted before. Hence, the new staff can study these old related Messages as the background knowledge before starting his works.

The Notice Record Tab Page on Message Panel show the Notice Record of the Message. We can double click the record to open Notice Record Detail panel and then we can add, modify, delete and enable/disable this record.

Figure: Notice Record Tab Page