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Navigation and Search

The Navigation and Search control is shown on Record Detail Panel or Record List Panel, for us to navigate and quick search of records.

Figure: Navigation and Search

  • Navigation Buttons: go to First Page  [no 1], Previous Page  [no 2], Next Page  [no 4] and Last Page  [no 5]
  • Navigation and Search Box:
    • show pages infomation eg 2/20 means it is page 2 with total 20 pages
    • we can input a page no to go to the page directly or input a search string (case insensitive and no need whole word) to perform quick search (instruction shown on Tooltip [no 8] which will be shown mouse over the box)
    • when right click, we can select the values we input before
  • Get All Records  [no 6]: get all records
    eg there are total 20 records, when we perform a quick search and for example find 5 records, then we can press to restore back to 20 records
  • Navigation Info [no 7]: for example: 2 - 2 / 20 (All)
    it means we are browsing record no 2 to record no 2 (ie one record for one page) with total 20 records which is all of the records