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Record List Panel

The Record List Panel is an other important and common control in our System. It shows many records (in general it shows maximum 20 records) in one page in table/grid format. We can search, navigate and perform actions on the records at here.

Let us continue the example in Record Detail Panel, when we select User Property tab page, it is Record List Panel.

Figure: Record List Panel

The Record Detail Panel is composite of:

  • Navigation/Search: used to navigate and search records
  • Small Buttons: performat actions on the records. If the button icon is as same as the one in Large Button, it carry the same function but may act on many selected records in one time. Please refer to Common Small Buttons
  • Corner Button: shows the total number of the records. We can press it to hide or show the Navigation/Search and Small Buttons controls. When mouse over on it, a toolip is shown and tell us how to do
  • Column Headers: show the Field Names. We can press it to order the field
  • Record List Table: show records in table/grid format. We click it to select one record or right click (or Shift + Click) to select multi records. In general, we can click or double click to see the record detail
  • Row No Buttons: when mouse over on it, a tooltip of Record Reminder (if any) is shown