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eg: Message Amendment

Unlike email, the Messages in intraComm can be amended. We can amend/change/update: Tag, Subject, Message Type, Content, Attachment and so on. After amendment, it likes New Message, so we are no need afraid the Readers missing the amendment.

There two style of amendment: wiki Style (ONLY for [wiki] and [Folder] Message) and non-wiki Style (for the other Types of Message). The operations for the 2 styles are the same but the results have a little bit difference:

Tips: All original information can be traced back after amendment

Remark: We can use the Tag ⊙, the Read-only Tag, to restrict the Messages NOT being amended except Author and CCs


non-wiki Style

The original Content CANNOT be changed, the amendment is appended on top of the original Content (the Readers can see the amendment clearly)

To amend a Message, you can click the modify button.

Figure: Modify a Message

Then you can modify the information about the Message. You can modify the Tag, Subject and Type by directly replacing the original one. You can type text in Supplement text box. The text will be added on the top of the Message.You can also delete attachment and replace it.

When you have finished all amendment, click OK button. Then the Message will be amended.

Figure: Amended Message


wiki Style Amendment

wiki style amendemt directly edits the Content.

Figure: wiki Style Amendment