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eg: Project [todo]

 What is a Project?

A Project is a type of Message that describes a project. You may include Event, Task and Notice [detail...] inside a project so that everything needed for your project can be concluded into one single message.


How to Create a Project?

Just like creating a message, you need to go to Communication > Compose New Message in the main menu. Then, a window will pop up and prompt you to input. Choose [Project] then Next.

Figure: Create New Project

Insert your recipient(s) and CC target, input the project title (subject) and input whatever you want to type inside the message.

Figure: Create New Project Interface

As mentioned, you can insert event, task or notice inside a project. The following is a demo on inserting an event inside.

First of all, please click the create event button.

Figure: Click Insert Event Button

Then a event window will pop up. All you have to do is to fill in the event information such as the event period and the remarks.

Tips: For the same recipients and CCs of the project, you don't have to fill in the "Recipient" and "CC" fields.

Figure: Create New Event

For the Event From column, you can right click and choose either to Select a new date or Set Relative Date.

Figure: Right Click "Event From" Column

If you choose to select a new date, a calender will pop up for you to choose the event date.

Figure: Calender Tool

If you choose to set a relative date, you can choose to set the event date to several days from current date. For example, today is the 20th of June, if you set the relative date to +5, the event date will be 25th of June.

Figure: Relative Date Tool

After you submit the event, you can see the following event button.

Figure: Event Inserted

Next, you may want to insert a task into the project. You should click the insert task button just like the following.

Figure: Click Insert Task Button

When the new task window pop up, you can fill in the task information as follows. For setting the Due Date, just like the previously-mentioned Event From, you can right click to Select a new date or Set relative date.

Figure: Create New Task
After submitting the new task, you should be able to see the following task icon inside your project.
Figure: Task Inserted

Now, you may want to insert a notice into your project. To insert a notice, you should click the following button.

Figure: Click Insert Notice Button

For notice, it is simple, you just have to insert your notice content and submit.

Figure: Create New Notice

After submition, you should be able to see the following notice icon inside your project.

Figure: Notice Inserted

To share the project with the recipient, click OK.

Figure: Submit Project

To Save Your Project as a Template

You can actually save the whole project as a draft (template) for future uses. When you need to create a similar project in the future, you can simply open your draft and copy the contents to a new project; you can save a lot of time through this. By the way, be careful not to click OK if you want to save as draft, if not, you will share the project to your recipients.

Tips: Do not fill any recipients then the project cannot be published.

Figure: Save Project as Draft