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eg: Message Management [todo]

Messages will accumulate to a very large amount. IntraComm helps Users to manage the Messages effectively. This page teaches you how to use Message Manager and provides tips for better management of Messages.

Message Manager

Tips For Better Management Of Messages

Message Manager

To open Message Manager, you can click Communication > Message Manager.

Figure: Message Manager

IntraComm stores Messages in tree structure. Each nodes of the tree can be treated as a Folder containing Messages. Each folder will have a property about User privilege (i.e. the right to view the Folder and the Messages contained in the folder). Through Message Manager, Users can view those Folders.

Messages can be managed by two functions, Move and Link.

Move and Link

Move and Link are two different functions. They can be completed similarly.

Firstly, locate the Message you want to Move/Link.

Remark: When you create a Message, you need to design which Folder it belongs (i.e. Message Location). For more information, please refer to step 2 of Compose Message.

Secondly, drag the Message and drop it to a designated Folder. A message will be prompted out. Then you can select Move/Link the Message to the designated Folder.

Tips For Better Management Of Messages

Tips 1: Learn Move and Link - Move Messages to Inside and Link to Outside

Learn Move and Link, then you can manage your Messages well.


Only the owner of the Message can Move it. This changes the location of the Message.

Remark: Moving a Message will remove the original copy from the original Folder. A User may not be able to view the Message if he/she does not have the priviledge to view the Folder.


Everyone can Link a Message to a Folder. This works like creating a shortcut in Windows. After Linking, the Message will appear in both Folders. Modifying either one will make changes to both Message since they are actually the same copy.

Move Messages to Inside and Link to Outside

Inside means your personal root Folder and Outside means other Folders. When you manage the Messages inside your personal root Folder, Move the Messages so that they are better organized. When you manage the Messages outside your personal root Folde, Link the Messages to other Folders (e.g. if your company is organizing an event, try to link the related Messages to a common Folder of the event).

In other words, Move helps you organize Messages for your own and Link helps you organize shared Messages for your company.

Tips 2: Delete Unused Messages and Retrieve from Litter Bin

In Message Manager, you can right click the unused Messages and choose Delete. The deleted Messages will be stored in Litter Bin for serveral days.

Remark: You can find Litter Bin by searching in General Search Box in the Main Form.

Tips 3: Manage The Messages For The Company For Better Management

Link Messages to outside Folders. Other Users can help to organize the Messages by Linking and Removing the original Link.