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eg: Live Support


Try The Demo Here

You can try Live Support in Demo here.

External Link:
: cleung
Supervisor: tchan

Please follow the steps here.

Step 1: Login intraComm using cleung (pw: intracomm)

Step 2: Go to Live Support page using a browser (Internet Explorer and Opera are tested to work fine)

Step 3: Fill the request form in the web site and submit the request (supposed to be done by an external party seeking for Live Support).

Figure: Request Form

Step 4: For cleung (supposed to be a staff of your company), a request will be prompted out and require you to accept the request.

Figure: Request

Step 5: After accepting the request, cleung can join the discussion by Communication > Join Discussion. cleung is connected with the external party now.


Setting Up Live Support

Before your intraComm system really supports Live Support, several settings are needed.

First of all, please login your intraComm system with the administrator account and choose Settings > Live Support Type. There you can create a live support type for your live support team. Click the create button  to create the record. The following window should pop up after you click the create button. You should fill in the information by following the instructions in the following screen dump.

Figure: Create Live Support Type

Note that the field Item is the type name for your live support team. It will be used later for the User's Tags Set. Just like an user name, it should not contains any space in between. The title is the real name of your live support team.

Please note that there is a field called Off Time. It is made for you to set the working hours for your live support team. What you have input is the resting time of your team. The following is an example of the Off Time format:


The above example means, you live support team will rest on every Sunday, from 12am to 7am, from 8pm to 12am and Christmas. You can dynamically fill in your rest days (in weekdays / time / date) and separate them by commas.

When you right click to select a location, a window like this will pop up. Choose your target location and double click it.

Figure: Select Location

After you create a live support type. You have to assign an user as the live support operator and another user for the live support supervisor. The live support operator is the one to answer live support messages while live support messages will be pass to the supervisor if the operator does not reply the messages in a reasonable time.

To assign an user to be the live support supervisor, you edit an user and add wi_[your live support type]_super to the Tags Set of the user. For example, if youe live support type name is "LiveSupportDemo", then your tags set should be "wi_LiveSupportDemo_super". For how to edit an user, you should go to User Admin > User and select your targeted live support supervisor and click the modify button .

Figure: Modify Tags Set

On the other hand, to assign youe live support operator, you should add wi_[your live support type]_operator to the tags set of your targeted operator; just like above.

By now, you should be able to use Live Support.