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What is Message Attachments?

Attachments are the attached files of a Message (if any). The following are four sections on Attachmen


Read an Attachment

The following is a screen dump of the Attachment Box. It is a list box inside the Message Panel; showing the Attachments of the Message.

Figure: Attachment Box (also refers to Figure: Message [no 5] in Message)


Operations of Attachment Box

  • select one file or press Control + Click or Shift + Click to select multiple files
  • double click to open file(s)
  • right click to show context menu:
    • Save Selected files ...
    • Open selected files ...
    • View Images ...: if some of attached files are images (png, jpg, gif, bmp, tif), we can directly view all these image attached files (no need to select) by intraComm Image Viewer

Figure: Image Viewer

Remind: each Attachment comes with a File Id. Anyone who knows the File Id can read the file, but in general the File Id is hidden from the Readers.

Q: When we double click to open an Attachment directly and revise the file, what about we open the Attachment next time: show the original one or revised one?
A: If the Temp File is NOT deleted, it will ask if you want to open the original one or the revised one. But if the Temp File is deleted, we can ONLY open the original one and the revised one is LOST!


Temp File

The Temp File (the temporary files) is cache info saved in Client Computer and save the time to get them from Server again. We can delete the Temp File manually by System > Clear Temp File (if necessary)

Please refer to Local Config: Is Public Computer


Upload an Attachment

The Attachment Box for upload file is shown when compose Message and amend Message. We can upload file by one of the following methods:

  • right click and choose Add new ... on context menu of Attachment Box
  • directly drag a file from windows (eg from file manager) and drop on the Attachment Box
  • directly drag a file from other Attachment Box and drop on this Attachment Box


Revise an Attachment

The Attachment is READ ONLY but can be replaced by a revised file by Amendment of Message. During amendment Message, we can add an announcement and description on the new version of Attachment. The old version file still can be read (reserved at Server for 7 days, after that we can ask Administrator for the file from backup). Moreover, if there is a link to an old version Attachment, it can traced to the updated one.