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Contact records all information of an external party. For example, a sales company may record the contact information of the supplier, manufacturer and customer. On intraComm, Users can share the contact information by a convenience and secure way.

Review a Contact

We can open the contact page by User Admin > Contact

Figure: Contact

The following is a brief description on the attributes of a Contact.

-- the record number of the Contact
-- the name of the Contact
-- the company of the Contact person; the person may not be an internal staff
-- the job title of the Contact person
Email Set
-- the e-mail(s) of the Contact person; you may insert more than one e-mail of the Contact person
Tags Set
-- a remark field for the Contact person; you may set more than one tag for the person
-- the Contact phone number of the person
-- the fax number of the Contact person
Photo/Name Card
-- photo or name card of the Contact person; you may insert more than one photo
-- the address of the Contact person
-- the website of the Contact person
-- you may create a Contact for yourself only; or you may create this contact for a target list of people
Date Chop
-- the creation date of the Contact information
-- the creator of the Contact
Remark (HTML)
-- another remark field for the Contact; this time, you may insert HTML for the remark

Remark: The owner window shows the Users who created this Contact.


Search a Contact

To search a contact, you can use three different methods: General Search Box, Natvigation and Search and Search Button.


General Search Box

Let's take about the General Search Box. It is on your upper right corner. The following is a screen dump for the search box.

Figure: General Search Box


To search a contact through the General Search Box, you should input your keyword; when the Item List [no.2] slide out, choose Contact. By then, you should see your search results. [detail...]


Natvigation and Search

For Natvigation and Search, you may consider the tool is like the following.

Figure: Natvigation and Search

The natvigation buttons are made for you to flip through pages of records. For example, for the above figure, there is a total number of 3 contact records and current displaying the first record out of the three. You can click the arrow buttons to flip through records. The following is a brief description on the buttons.

 go to the first page
 go to the previous page
 go to the next page
 go to the last page


For more information, you should visit the Natvigation and Search section. [detail...]


Search Button

The search button can only be seen in the Record List Panel. To browse your contact list in the Record List Panel, you should click the browse button:  . Then, a panel will pop out like the following screen dump. Click the search button  and proceed to search.

Figure: Record List Panel on Contact

After clicking the search button, the search tool will pop out; by then, you can fill in your search conditions and search. The following is a screen dump of the search tool.

Figure: Search Tool


Create a Contact

To create a Contact, Users can click the create button in the contact window or in the browsing mode.

Figure: Create Contact

A very special function that intraComm provides is to Share the Contact among Users. Users can set the share field so that the Contact will be shared to the group selected. After sharing the Contacts, Users can view the Contacts when they login to intraComm.


Other Function

There are other functions including print Contact and clone Contact. In addition, the owner of the Contact can modify the Contact. These functions can be found in the large buttons in the top of the window.

Figure: Other Functions